Located in the heart of a region famous for its oil tourism, the Camp de Castelldans Cooperative is proud to be the soul behind OliFERM , a liquid treasure that captures the essence of our most emblematic product: olive oil .

With many decades of passion and expertise in the creation of products from our land, we present you a story that transcends the ordinary. At OliFERM , every drop of our extra virgin olive oil is a symphony of flavor and tradition. In addition, our secret resides in the selected Arbequina olive, 100% native, whose unique organoleptic characteristics become the soul of our fields.

On the other hand, over the years, we have perfected the art of making oil in the cooperative. OliFERM is not just a product; it is the legacy of generations, a celebration of excellence. With meticulously mechanical extraction methods we guarantee that each bottle of OliFERM preserves the purity and intrinsic virtues of our olives.

Therefore, when you choose OliFERM , you don’t just choose an olive oil; you choose a story of quality, dedication and respect for nature. Each use is a sensory journey, an opportunity to connect with the earth and the gifts. Finally, let yourself be seduced by the magic of OliFERM and transform each dish into a culinary masterpiece.


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